We’ve heard lots of talk lately about the growth and evolution of reachnow-app-iphonestartups for ride and home sharing. AirBnb, Lyft, and Uber are just a few that should sound familiar. But what about a more personalized and advanced way of the same concept? In fact, why not make it better on all counts? Those are the questions that BMW has been mulling over. And it looks like they’ve found a way to do it. Headquartered in Seattle, the BMW ReachNow program established a solid base…and now they’re looking to expand.

“When we first launched the ReachNow service in April, we discussed plans for several mobility services that would make our more than 32,000 members’ lives easier and more convenient. Today, just under eight months and more than 1.2million member miles later, we are delivering on those plans and continuing to build upon the successes of ReachNow by offering Ride, Share, Reserve, and Fleet Solutions within one ReachNow app, a first for the industry,” Steve Banfield, CEO of ReachNow

The ReachNow Program


Ride is similar to the other ride-sharing services out there. But it’s, of course, BMW’s version. Which means there’s some luxury amenities involved. Customers of Ride will be able to personalize the experience from the app. Music, temperature, and a “do not disturb” segment will be available, More at loanriches. A credit program is in the works as well to be used across the entire program spectrum. Ride will see it’s debut Pilot Program in Seattle on December 8.

Fleet Solutions

This one is sure to revolutionize things. BMW will offer the i3 and 3 Series models for exclusive use of apartment complexes and neighborhoods. Premiering in Manhattan’s Battery Park Neighborhood, the residents of The Solaire will have these vehicles available for use. The program will begin on December 8.


Share is for MINI owners of 2016 and 2017 models. They’ll be able to offset the costs of ownership by renting their vehicles out to folks who are interested. A minimum of 2 day rentals will bring in some extra cash for owners, while putting their car to use when they don’t need it. While this isn’t the newest concept out there, it’s an effective and efficient way to utilize any vehicle. Residents of Seattle will see this program beginning on December 15.


Reserve expands vehicle rentals for folks wanting more than just a day trip. With 2-5 day timeframes, the Reserve service offers delivery at a specific time and location for use. Launched in October, the Reserve service will continue to expand as plans move forward.

How ReachNow Works

So by now you may be thinking that this whole thing is kinda cool…but how much does it cost? The ReachNow service has a standard charging rate per hour (49 cents per minute in use and 30 cents per parked minute.) That may seem steep at first, but luckily there are time caps on the rates. A tiered rate of $50 for up to 3 hours, $80 for 12 hours, $110 for 24 hours, and so on. For those wishing to rent for longer, there are multiple day rentals as well. A one time registration fee of $39 gets you into the program, and everything else is app based from there.

BMW’s commitment to “sustainable urban mobility” is taking shape in the form of ReachNow. We’re not sure where it’s going from here, but so far it’s looking pretty promising.

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