When you look at the latest features and specs of the newest and smartest cars on the market, you’re probably ending up more confused than before. The truth is, today’s vehicles are more efficient, and more complex than ever. And this time, Jaguar is ahead of the rest. With the latest in innovative driving systems and technologies, we know that it’s tough to comprehend what the Jaguar line can do. Fear not, we’re here to help ya out.

All Surface Progress Control (ASPC)

The beauty of modern engineering has brought us the All Surface Progress Control system. The ASPC enables the brakes to work in opposition of the throttle to offer low engine torque. The wheel system slows and becomes more controlled and helps to stabilize the steering wheel as well. Consider slippery surfaces conquered.

All Wheel Drive (AWD)

An electronic multi-plate wet clutch, electro-hydraulic actuator, and chain drive front axle combine to make this one of the most advanced all wheel drive systems on the market. Power switches from rear to front in just 165 milliseconds, and torque adjustment occurs systematically.

Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD)

This in-house designed technology controls the torque and handling of the vehicle. Speed, traction, steering, suspension, and brakes come together to provide a more efficient driving experience. Data collection occurs 100 times per second to offer the most intelligent driving system for your safety.

Adaptive Surface Response (ASR)

The ASR technology assists the transmission and drive system combine to help traction on slippery surfaces. Jaguar is proving once again that snow and ice are not to be feared.

Low Friction Launch

For automatic transmissions, this system helps with traction control on low traction surfaces. When activated by the touchscreen, the technology helps to adjust the throttle map to allow for better surface traction.

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