The latest trend in theft deterrent strategies is vin etching. We’ve all heard about vinetching_0the effects that it can have on helping to keep your car safe from thieves. However, many folks don’t understand what it is, or the added benefits of it.

What is Vin Etching?

Basically, vin etching involves stenciling the vin into the glass of the windows and windshield. Laser or other mechanical devices are used to permanently etch the number into the glass. Typically, the markings aren’t very apparent and doesn’t affect visibility or appearance.

Why Do It?

The main benefit of vin etching is clearly theft. Insurance companies and police departments often encourage buyers to have this done. Car thieves have a difficult time selling stolen vehicles with etching done.

One benefit that spurs from the anti-theft can come in the form of insurance discounts. Some companies will actually discount your comprehensive insurance for you upon having vin etching done. In the end, your car is safer, and your payments decrease a bit.

How Much Does it Cost?

You can get etching done at a dealership, or buy a kit to do it yourself. The kit’s are much cheaper than having it professionally done, but you can definitely pay a bit more to save yourself the hassle.

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