It’s football season! All across the nation fans are equipping themselves for weekends infused with foam fingers, tailgating buffets, face-paint, parking lot games, and the occasional questionable decision (we don’t judge). All of the parties, celebrations, and energy come together for, arguably, the best season of the year. Readying for the big game is often an integrated process filled with planning and details to make sure everything turns out smoothly. But all that fun can take it’s toll on your vehicle through wear and tear; and we know that’s not the kind of lasting impression you want to leave a tailgate with. Keeping up on your vehicle service and maintenance is essential. So we’ve put together a “Prep List” of things to maximize efficiency and protection and minimize stress this football season.


  1. Paint Protection Coatings

    For those close encounters with other fellow fans in the parking lot, we recommend a sealant and coating for your vehicle’s paint protection. These coatings will reduce the risk scratches and damages done to your car, making your day more enjoyable without worrying about the man who just can’t seem to utilize his depth perception when he opens his door next to your car.

  2. Oil Changes

    Keeping your car’s internal functions happy and healthy is just as important as the outer workings and features of the vehicle. Regular oil changes should be scheduled to ensure that your car doesn’t incur internal damages and make for an upsetting day at the game. Check with us for recommended mileage and timing for your next oil change and vehicle service.

  3. Spray-On Bedliners

    For you truck owners, this one is a must! Spray-on bedliners help to reduce the damage done to your vehicle’s bed. Your truck endures a lot during the football months. Applying a bed liner can help to make the fun enjoyable and stress-free. Plus it gives you the added bonus of more grip in the back of the truck. Now you can slide, toss, and throw your coolers, chairs, and whatever else in the bed and know that it’s protected.

  4. Tire Rotations and Alignment

    Navigating the sea of pedestrians and fellow drivers can be a challenge in itself. With tire rotations, alignment and replacements your vehicle will handle more efficiently This helps to make the task of DD simpler than ever.

  5. Brake Pad and Brake Check/ Replacement

    This one goes hand-in-hand with #4 above. Making sure your car’s brake pads and brakes are up to par can make a world of difference during your drive to and from the game. Safety always comes first, so we suggest a brake check before you head out to the party.

  6. Suspension Tune Up

    We’ve all seen the people that bounce their cars up and down in celebration of a touchdown or interception. In fact, many of us have been those people. While we’re all for excessive celebration, your vehicle’s suspension is not. Tuning up that suspension now is better than having a shot ride by the end of the season.

  7. Coolant Flush

    The weather and circumstances that involve tailgating and football season bring problems on their own. From blistering heat, to bitter cold days, your car will experience it all. Keeping your coolants flushed and fresh can make for a much more advantageous situation on those extreme days.

So there you have it. Our simple pre-game checklist of vehicle service and maintenance is curated specially to ensure a successful track record for your vehicle. And even though we can’t ensure a great season for your team, we know that your car will be much better equipped for almost anything that comes your way this football season.

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