Car shoppers love the sound of rebates and incentives. When you find yourself in the market for a new car, there’s nothing better than the sound of cash back or discounted financing. We all like saving money, and we love the idea of a new car. With rebates and incentives, you get both! Here’s how it works.

What Defines Rebates and Incentives?

Rebates and incentives are discounts or cash that are offered by car manufacturers. They can come in different forms and at different times. Manufacturers offer these programs for several reasons. Often times, the manufacturer is pushing out a certain vehicle and boosting sales. Other times, they are trying to acquire new buyers from competing brands, or maintain customers within their brand.

One great thing about rebates and incentives is that these are similar to gifts to the buyer. Therefore, there is no need to negotiate to receive one. You just simply have to qualify. These include low APR offers, Customer Cash or Bonus Cash, and others.

How to Make the Most of Them

In order to make the most of rebates and incentives, you’ll have to first qualify. Some are harder to be considered for than others. For example, if you’ve seen offers for 0% APR, these are solely for buyers with a great, long-standing credit history. Other offers become much simpler and nearly everyone can qualify.

The best way to take advantage of rebates and incentives is to research what’s available. Join mailing lists, check websites, and follow automakers on social media. Making sure to have the information before hitting the lot can save you time and money.

Rebates and Incentives are a great way for manufacturers to boost sales and bring in buyers. They’re also a great way for buyers to save money on a new car. They can be a win-win all around and leave both parties feeling like they got a great deal.

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