We’ve all heard the benefits of filling up your car on premium level gasoline. car-296674_640 But is all that extra money at the gas station paying off for your vehicle’s health? Today, we dive into the pros and cons, myths and truths, and ups and downs of the premium gasoline consumption.

Why Buy Premium?

Premium gasoline is rumored to be healthy for your vehicle’s engine and tank. Some folks would go as far as to say that this level of gasoline can improve your fuel economy as well. However, this is not entirely true. Brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz often require premium level gasoline. These high-compression engines operate properly on the high octane levels that premium offers. If your car doesn’t fit into that category, then don’t expect to benefit from the purchase of premium grade gasoline.

What is Premium Gasoline?

Premium gasoline offers a higher level octane count than the lower level gasoline grades. The higher octane points help the engine resist against knocking, as well as more efficient burning done in the combustion chamber. It can provide better fuel economy in vehicles that require the grade level.

Overall, gasoline grades can help your vehicle, but only if it’s a car that is built to consume it. The price increase does not justify the small level of fuel economy that may occur. If your car doesn’t need it, it’s not worth the buy. Lower level grades are getting cleaner and better than ever. Stick with the cheaper ones, and save that money for other purchases.

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