If you’ve bought a new car lately, you’ve probably been subjected to a list of post purchase sales options. From warranties to protection plans, the list seems endless. Some of the most popular offers are the paint protection plans for new cars. But what exactly is a paint protection plan, and is it worth it? We’re here to answer all your pressing questions on the matter.

What’s in the Paint Protection Plan?

When the salesman tells you the paint protection works to preserve your car, it’s true. And it works because it’s not like a wax. What sets the paint protection apart from a wax begins with the basics. Any existing wax is removed before the application of the new material. The solution is a polymer sealant that bonds to the paint. Unlike waxing, the polymer sealant adheres with the paint much better than a wax can. The result is a coating that helps to minimize dullness and preserve the paint integrity.

What is the Point?

We’ve all had bird droppings hit our car at some point. But many folks don’t know how much damage these droppings can do to our vehicles. The paint is often left compromised and the outer coating is eroded through acidic properties in the droppings. This is one of the main reasons for folks to get the polymer sealant application on their new or used car. By protecting the body paint, the integrity and quality of the paint is insured. Think of it as more of a preventative maintenance measure. This, in turn, helps to keep the value of the vehicle higher.

So, What’s Right for You?

Only you can decide if the paint protection is something you want to invest in. Yes, it help to protect your vehicle’s paint. Yes, it feels expensive at the time. But buying a car is expensive, and if you’re wanting that value to continue over the years of ownership, paint protection application is just one way of doing that.

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