The holidays bring more than just family, traditions, and a few days off from work. question-1262378_640With the holidays come sales and events…which means big savings. For holiday car shopping, these days can represent the best savings on the best cars. But these holiday sales events can be a huge challenge. Making the most of it isn’t easy. Here’s how to successfully maneuver and navigate the holiday car shopping savings rush.

Plan, Plan, Plan…

The best advice to give when holiday shopping is to plan ahead of time. The real shopping starts long before you make it to the lot. Research your car and read reviews. In fact, you may even want to test drive it a few days before the sales starts. This ensures that you know exactly what you want before you make it to the actual buying process.

You’ll want to research incentives and ensure you know the fine print. There’s little worse than making it to the finalization process and finding out you don’t qualify for an incentive or rebate that you were banking on.


Before you head to the lot, be sure you have everything you need to purchase the vehicle you want. All of the paperwork and financing things should be in order. Holidays are busy and competitive shopping times. You’ll want to ensure you are prepared to take on the other shoppers and get the best deal without the hassle.

Another strategy would be to arrive at the lot early. Check online for when the busiest hours are and plan accordingly. Avoid the crowds and get there first.

When it comes to holiday car shopping, you’ll want to make sure you’ve prepared and planned for every detail. Remember to start the shopping and research before the sale begins. That’s the best advice we can give. Good luck, and happy shopping!

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