Family Cars are a hot commodity at the moment. With the younger populations having families of their own, the number of kids to haul around is growing. If you find yourself in search of a family vehicle, be sure to get the best features for you and your family in one package deal.

Safety First

Obviously, when you’re transporting your family, you want the safest vehicle no matter what. Making sure the family cars that you explore are safe and reliable is key. The main features for safety begin with the ratings. Ensuring the crash tests and safety ratings are all in the highest category will give you the peace-of-mind that is much needed as a parent.

Features to look for in a safe vehicle include backup cameras, blind spot warnings, and airbag placement. Technology advancements make the most of safety by doing their best to prevent accidents. However, we can’t speak for other drivers, so the airbag placements are crucial in case of collisions.

Space and Convenience

Depending on how many you’re transporting, you may be requiring extra space. Third row seating may be a necessity. One thing that can make “good” family cars “great” ones is the amount of storage space available. Floor and sub-seating storage space can come in handy for bags, strollers, and other child accessories. Little tip: If you’re going for a test drive bring the stroller along to see if it fits.


The smaller things that should be looked at when you are looking at family vehicles are:

  • Ample cupholders for all
  • Rear sun screens
  • Rear entertainment systems
  • Door storage

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