Certified Pre Owned is a category of vehicle than many buyers have heard of, but few actually know about. When you buy a Certified Pre Owned (CPO) vehicle you are purchasing more than just a used car. We’ll break down the basics of what you need to know and how CPO inventory could be a good option for your next car.

The Basics of CPO

The basic definition of a Certified Pre Owned car is that the vehicle has been used, refurbished, and comes with a warranty or guarantee. Different manufacturers and dealerships have different standards for vehicles to qualify into the CPO category. These are not your typical used cars; therefore, you’ll pay a little more for them.


Dealerships define their programs differently. These cars must be under a specified mileage, as well as a certain year (often late models within the past 5 years). The dealer will inspect and refurbish these vehicles to ensure that they are fit for warranty backing.

What You Get Out of It…

CPO cars can be great for those who want the newer cars, without the brand new sticker price. Extended warranties and guarantees come with CPO purchases, which can be great. While these cars cost more than other used cars, they come with the reassurance of the dealer’s inspection and warranty. Lower rates and cash incentives are often offered for CPO shoppers as well.

Certified Pre Owned cars are a fantastic halfway point between new and used. They offer the peace of mind that a new car can bring with a lower price tag. The next time you find yourself on the lot, these cars might be worth checking out.

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