Using a wingman (or wingwoman) can be an effective tool for buying a car. Going it alone can be a difficult task. With so many options and so much pressure, having someone to support you all the way could help you more than you think. If you’re in the market for a new car, here’s how to effectively utilize your wingman for your buying benefit.

Keeping You In Check

Your wingman can be someone who helps you keep your wants and needs in line with what you can afford. On the flip side, they can also help make sure you aren’t sacrificing the things you want for something unnecessary or unwanted. Wingmen can keep you focused on your goal and make the buying process more efficient.

Having an Objective Eye

Sometimes having another critical eye can pull back the veil of glamour and excitement. Your wingman should take note of the pros and cons both inside and outside of the vehicle. They may find major problems or bonuses that you missed.

Recapping and Weighing the Options

After you’ve browsed, tested, and received information, you and your wingman should take a moment to weigh the options. Having someone to “talk-it-out” with can really help put things into perspective. The previous mentioned pros and cons should be discussed and compared. This is where the real decisions get made and the options get whittled down.

Using your wingman can help you in many ways. You may be surprised at how much they could help you make the big decision.

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