The BMW lineup is full of sleek and stylish vehicles for all sorts of drivers and buyers. In fact, there are so many vehicles in the family that many folks don’t fully understand the options they have to choose from. We’re giving you a brief overview of the BMW 2 series through 7 series and what makes each one unique.

BMW 2 Series

The 2 Series is classified as your entry luxury compact vehicle. It offers both Coupe and Convertible body styles. Either way, you’ll be looking at two doors and sleek finishes. The newest of them start at just $33,150.

BMW 3 Series

The entry luxury car for the BMW lineup comes in the form of the 3 Series. Your 4-door options come in Sedan, Sports Wagon, and Gran Turismo and start at $33,450.

BMW 4 Series

The luxury continues with the BMW 4 Series. Your options for the entry luxury coupe and convertible category come in Coupe, Gran Coupe, and Convertible. Starting prices begin at $41,950.

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series offers excellence in a little larger sedan package. This one classifies as a mid-size luxury car and begins at $50,200. Options include Sedan and Gran Turismo editions.

BMW 6 Series

The lucrative line takes a bit of a jump toward the higher end with the 6 Series. This category reaches to premium sports coupes and convertibles. The Coupe, Gran Coupe, Convertible, and Alpina Gran Coupe begin at $77,600.

BMW 7 Series

The 7 Series is the top of the line full-size luxury car for the BMW lineup. Offering the single sedan style, the 7 ensures high-end living from every angle. Starting base price clocks in at $81,500.

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