We live in the age of technology. Our lives are constantly impacted by it on a daily basis. Sometimes in small ways, and other times in larger ones. Often times we’re told this technology will help to make our lives more convenient…but so many more times, it seems, we are caught in a world of confusion instead. We decided to cut through the clutter. We’ve researched and tested and found a handful of helpful and revolutionary car apps that will help you, specifically with your car. From maintenance management to GPS tracking, here is the list of the top apps we deemed worthy of taking up some megabytes of our smartphone space.


Free, iOS and Android

Waze is a community based GPS and information app. Users update information wazesuch as police speed traps, accidents, and navigation directly into the car app. Think of it as communal information sharing. It’s free, helpful, and growing fast. We also thought the friend connectivity for ETA was a nice feature as well. This one is worth a try for roadtrips, or even just a normal commute through town.


Free, iOS / Android

We all want to spend less on gas. How many times have we filled up, turned a gasbuddycorner, and seen a cheaper pump just blocks away? With GasBuddy you have the prices and locations of the available stations in the area at just the click of a button. Compare the distance and price collectively and decide which is the right choice for you. This is hands down one of the more convenient and usable car apps to download out there.

Find My Car Smarter

Free, iOS

With a name like “Find My Car Smarter” it isn’t hard to figure out the findmycarpremise of this car app. Using bluetooth and GPS, the app helps direct you to where you last left your car. It’s available in 9 different languages, so it’s perfect for travel help and making sure you know where you are in foreign cities.

Car Minder Plus

$2.99, iOS

Car Minder Plus is a maintenance management app. From repair logs and fuel carmindereconomy, the app tracks it all. It’s helpful and convenient for those of us who are just too busy to keep track of car schedules on our own…and let’s face it, that pretty much describes us all. Car Minder compares your data and graphs it for you, helping you track your efficiency. We thought this one was clever, helpful, and simple to use.

So there you have it! The most helpful and useful car apps we found for you and your car needs. So next time you need a deal on gas, lost your car in the parking garage, or need to avoid a speed trap on your way to work, you’ll have the technology you need to help you along the way.

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